The Glory of it All

And the glory of the Lord will be revealed,
    and all people will see it together.
For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”

                                                       Isaiah 40

The project of self-promotion requires constant attention and energy. Both the positive and negative sides must be worked at the same time: I want people to see my best and think well of me, and I’ve got to defend myself from anything that would diminish my image in the eyes of the world. Like all self-centered campaigns it is exhausting and frustrating. It twists me into a pretzel and drains the joy out of my relationships. It is a disordered way of living.

The message of Advent is that God will return. The Maker who does all things well will come to us and for us. He will reorder our lives and replace exhaustion and frustration with exhilaration and satisfaction. He will reveal His glory, His greatness, His beauty and splendor and that will become the focus of our lives. My glory was only ever designed to be a reflection of His. It is borrowed, secondary, as the moon is to the sun. The self-promotion project never delivers on its promises of greatness. When we glorify God through submission, obedience and service we achieve the greatness of a Mary. It’s what we were made for. This Advent season may you know the truth of God’s word as you choose God’s glory over your own.

Amen – be it so.

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