The Miracle of Christmas

Rejoice, our nature Christ assumes;
Born of a virgin, lo, He comes,
As a Messiah fore-ordained.
Adore and wonder, every land!

He left His bright, His glorious throne;
He bowed the heavens, to earth came down,
And thus His wondrous race began,
As God with God and Man with man.

Behold, a great, a heavenly light,
From Bethlehem’s manger shining bright,
Around those who in darkness dwell,
The night of evil to dispel.

St. Ambrose

Virgin birth, angel messengers, stars and wise men – we can wonder, question, doubt and struggle to give any credence to any of these miracles today. And if you draw your circle close enough “miracles” become impossible. In Narnia there was everyday magic that powered wands, inspired prophecies and gave life to naiads. But there was also the deeper magic which underlay all magic and all of Narnia.

Ambrose wrote of the deeper magic of Christmas. He rightly accepts the magic of the story, but he wisely uses it to point us to something deeper, more profound, and disturbing. Jesus’ coming is the end of evil. Something about this Child will do for us what no humans have been able to do for themselves – rid ourselves of evil. This alien Presence will somehow through his visit dispel – break the spell of – break the power and grip of evil on humanity.  Evil is in our dna, it is in our thoughts, words and actions. It defies our resolutions, turned leaves and incantations. It subverts and outlasts us. To the honest the promise that Someone can dispel evil is water in the desert, a warm fire on a cold winter’s night.

Ambrose points us to the light of the Savior lying in the manger, and invites us to wonder, believe and worship. The deeper magic is for me – and you!

Amen – let it be.

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